The power you deserve

The Collbaix roller shutters fit into your needs, offering a width range of solutions and finishing.

Our Benefits

Unlocking without electrical supplying

In case of lack of supplying, the Connex locker will allow you to unlock the roller shutter in a handmade way.

Noiseless Roller Shutters

The baseboardavoids annoying sounds and brushes. It allows to clean the roller shutters without letting pass the water through or the air. There is no need to oil it, as well.

Adaptable to any size

We have solutions which adapt to the different urban spaces: they can be either slopes or access ramps.

We have what you need

More power, more performance, more pro.


Modernity and a width vision for your shop window.

The best roller shutters for commercial premises with a newer aspect. If you look for something different, you have to find out our CHROMATIC Series.


We know your needs.

Experts in the pharmacy sector, Collbaix roller shutters can add the FARMAC window, which will be able to be completely opened (300 x 200mm) or half opened (300 x 100mm).


Adaptable to every architecture style.

The rolling Collbaix system can be adapted to every architecture style. It offers a big functionality with amazing layouts and ideas.


Reliability before everything.

In Collbaix we manufacture roller shutters adapted to the industrial sector, with an engine of an intensive use and optimal performance in a continuous way.

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