Roller Shutters at the Best Price

Do you need a new image for your shop or garage?

We have the solution with the ADAPTA Series. You will enjoy Collbaix roller shutters at the best price.

Our Advantages

Excellent Quality and Price

The ADAPTA Seriesreaches the best quality price in relation with the other Collbaix roller shutters.

The model you prefer

Blind, die-cut, drill-holes or with polycarbonate. Choose the option that fits your needs better.

Shorter delivery times

We know that the time is fundamental. Thanks to our stock process you will be able to enjoy your ADAPTA roller shutter sooner.

Roller Shutters at the best price

We have the solution with the ADAPTA Series.


Renew your shop image at the best price.

Collbaix roller shutter distinguish from the others thanks to its esthetic finishing, which guarantees a renewed image for your commercial premise. If you need more technical solutions consult our PROFESSIONAL SERIES.


Practical and esthetic, pay for what it really matters.

The rolling system of Collbaix adapts to every architectural system, it offers a great functionality with amazing layouts and ideas.

Ask for a technical visit and make your personalized quote.