Customize your roller shutter

The first impression is the most important. You already have the best advertising support. Why do not use it? With ONE COLOR TEXT, DEKORA and IMAGINE you will be able to strengthen your brand awareness.

Our Advantages

Anti-Graffiti Treatment

Moreover, we have an Anti-Graffiti finishing. It allows you to remove easily the damages your roller shutter might suffer.

Anti-Breakdown System

The optional system E-KEY stops you from trying to open the shutter when the mechanical lock in the bottom slat is not yet free, avoiding engine breakdowns.

Lighting Effect without cost

Neither wires nor batteries are needed. With the same interior lighting from your local, your DEKORA roller shutter will come to life by night.

Choose your style

While you are resting, your shop keeps working


Minimalist Elegance

Give it an elegant and subtle touch with a personalized text with your brand, webpage, etc. We insert into your roller shutter a customized die-cut slat available in different colors.


Your shining brand.

You are unique, your roller shutter, as well. The exclusive Collbaix system, without adhesives or paints, will allow you to personalize your commercialroller shutter with your logo and your brand, giving a backlighting effect with your own light from your shop.



Large format printing system.

Spectacular! It is a finishing which can be applied in all roller shutter curtain. You will be able to give your personal touch to the access of your shop. A brilliant finishing which will catch all the glances.

Ask for a technical visit and make your personalized quote