ARMOR series

High Security Certified

The ARMOR series are high security rollers shutters which have been tested in approved laboratories, with certificates of burglar proof and bulletproof.

Our Advantages

Burglar Proof

Collbaix high security roller shutter fulfill with BURGLAR PROOF CLASS 3, 4, 5 and 6 CERTIFIED EN 1627

Bullet Proof

The bulletproof type from the ARMOR SYSTEM Series fulfills with the maximum levels of protection according to the international standards (FB4 & FB6 according to EN 1522 Standards).

Personalized Request

Collbaix has specialized technicians who will study your project to come up with the best solution for you.


The perfect combination between design, technology and security


RC3& RC4 according to EN 1627 Standards.

The SECURBAIX Series is the maximum range of security for shops with certificates of EUROPEAN BURGLAR PROOF. We have different models with different levels of security based on the requested protection from the customer.


FB4 & FB6 according to EN 1522 Standards.

For the manufacturing of our high security range registered we use highly resistance products such as titanium, steel, ballistic material and alloys of extruded aluminum that can support light and weight military weapons.

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