COLLBAIX offers the best solutions for your business premises. Highly resistant and secure aluminium roller doors and automatic glass doors for customer access and convenience.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Manufactured in any RAL colour, anodised or imitation wood are the best solution for your premises. Improves the aesthetic appearance of your establishment and can be adapted to all commercial premises.


Enables ventilation between the interior and exterior. Blocks visibility from the outside but allows light to pass through.

Stamped Design

Maximum visibility of your showcase window. Available in different colours and various stamping widths.

Puerta de acceso ciega de Collbaix Modelo Innova


Blocks the passage of light, temperature and visibility. Can be adapted to any architectural style.

Automatic Glassdoor

Collbaix automatic doors combine design with high technology. Silent doors open the door to your business conveniently for your customers.

Mod. Duet Seriespdf

An integrated URBAN aluminium roller shutter and automatic glass door.

Mod. Urban Seriespdf

The URBAN model prevents loss of air conditioning from your premises, thereby reducing consumption. They are silent and can be configured with multiple options.

Dekora Customisable

Collbaix offers a new way of communicating to make your door an exclusive communication media. With Dekora, your door can be personalised with your brand, logo or any design.

Enter to DEKORA universe

Armor System: High security certified

The company’s ANTI-REFRACTION and ANTI-BULLET door systems offer different levels of security. The extraordinary resistance of these systems guarantees the highest certified protection.