Novelty: Customised Roller Shutter IMAGINE

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Customise your roller shutter


A new concept in access

Wide view for your shop

Comfort and energy saving

Great solutions for big projects

New IMAGINE model

IMAGINE is the lastest novelty of COLLBAIX with which you could customise your roller shutter. Thanks to the high quality printing which is made over the slats of the roller shutter, permits to replicate a promotional image or just anything you could imagine.

Puerta Optica Persiana Impresa chica

IMAGINE Mod. pdf

Puerta Personalizable Impresa Collbaix IMAGINE

IMAGINE Mod. pdf

Puerta tienda Personalizable Antigraffiti

IMAGINE Mod. pdf

The printing process includes an anti graffiti treatment which lets remove paintings easily with specific products.

Puerta para joyería personalizada Collbaix

IMAGINE Mod. pdf

Now, you have more options to customise your roller shutters because IMAGINE is a finish suitable for the slat flat models: INNOVA, MASTER and even MICROBAIX.

Discover the DEKORA series


With the Dekora series, Collbaix has achieved a new concept in the aluminium roller door sector. The customisation system, with no adhesives and no paint, enables your door to be personalised with anything you have ever imagined. And at night time, the Night Effect system enables backlit effects to be created with the light from your premises. Capture your customers’ attention and bring your facade to life.

Mod. MASTER DEKORA – NIGHT EFFECT with the lighting from your premisespdf