Aluminium roller shutters and roller shutters with the Collbaix “Radio Sens CONNEX” intelligent anti-crushing system protect people and vehicles in your house or business premises. Complaint with UNE13241/1 standard.


The micro-perforated aluminium enables ventilation between the interior and exterior allowing light to pass through.



Die-cut with viewing

Design harmony to separate the inside from the outside while enabling visibility of the showcase window. Available in different colours and various die-cut widths.

Standard Visionpdfpdf
SATEN Mod.(Polycarbonate)

Maximum visionpdfpdf
SATEN ESPECIAL Mod. (Polycarbonate)


Ideal for blocking the passage of light, temperature and visibility. Recommended for total visibility blocking. Can be adapted to any architectural style.

INNOVA Mod. pdf

MASTER Mod.pdf

Garages and car parks

High security and unbeatable aesthetics for your home. Collbaix’ installs your finished door in any RAL colour, metal anodised or imitation wood lacquer if you prefer. The company’s accessories and finishes are based on improving your convenience and security.


Dekora customisable

Collbaix offers a new way of communicating to make your door an exclusive communication media. With Dekora, your door can be personalised with your brand, logo or any design.

Residential security

The SILENCE security roller shutter model for the home is made from highly resistant material that makes the slats resistant to strikes and forcing. The designs and colours are adapted to any architectural style and they are very silent. Feel safe in your own home.


Large-size doors that are ideal for industrial buildings, manufactured in any RAL colour, anodised or imitation wood. They are fitted with motors and systems that are conceived for working intensively without affecting performance.

MASTER Mod.pdf

Accessories and options

With Collbaix’s extensive range of accessories you can configure your roller door with different options.

Remote Control
Connex Style 2-C

BasicPlus Box

Connex Locker

Connex Mini Locker