The Collbaix home range includes a variety of products from garage doors through to roller shutters designed exclusively for houses. They offer a high level of security and improve the aesthetic appearance of the home.

Garage doors

Collbaix garage doors have an extensive range of accessories, finished in any RAL colour, metal anodised or imitation wood lacquer, and options that improve security and convenience.

Mod. INNOVApdf

The INNOVA range from COLLBAIX provides an economic solution adapted to your budget. The best value for money in the market.

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The MASTER model is manufactured in extruded aluminium and double-wall profiles, thus offering high security and resistance for your garage.


Manufactured in highly resistant, double-wall aluminium, the MASTER TERMIC model is filled with high-density polyurethane to offer thermal and acoustic insulation.


The DEKORA series enables your door to be personalised with anything you have ever imagined. Unlimited shapes and colours. A unique door for your garage.

Residential security

The SILENCE security rolling shutter model for the home is made from highly resistant material that makes the slats resistant to strikes and forcing. The designs and colours are adapted to any architectural style and they are very silent. Feel safe in your own home.

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SILENCE rolling shutters are made from highly-resistant extruded aluminium, which means they can be installed on wide windows with a high level of security.


The self-locking system prevents the window from being forced by attempting to lift it. They are reinforced with exclusive profiles and anti-lever guides.